DevOps Engineer (medior/senior, fully remote possible, EU timezones)

Lokalita Remote (EU timezones) or Bratislava
Nástup 1.9.2022
Typ Full time
Mzda 3000 Eur - 5000 Eur

Atomontage is a small tech startup focused on large-scale voxel worlds. We are currently a small (~10 person) highly technical, well-funded company, with world-changing ambitions (see Most of the company is currently C++ engineers working on our custom technology, but the scope of our addressable market means we need more people who understand how large scale systems are built, both in the short term (duct-tape automation to prove out ideas) and in the long term. You’ll be leading our efforts to both scale up and scale out, including any and all architectural decisions to guide that process.

We are bringing our technology to the world in a “cloud-native” way, which means we need people who understand what it takes to build a service with many moving parts. That means you’ll need to decide when we should do something fast-and-dirty, because we don’t understand the problem space well or because this something might be very short-lived, and when we should step back and put in the energy to architect a “proper” solution.

One quick note–if the high-level description of this work sounds appealing, but the specific technical details don’t quite line up with your history and experience, please start a conversation with us anyway! A large part of what we need from you is to help the company navigate the increasingly-dizzying array of technical choices related to deploying services, and there are certainly a lot of “cloud”-related things that need doing (even if this list isn’t quite what you’re looking for with where to put your focused attention).

Náplň práce

The work:

  • Manage backend/server infrastructure for our “montages”. Our networking is a thin client paradigm, so every montage needs a running server to stream data to clients. Launching these servers on-demand, and everything that entails, will be your primary responsibility
  • Of course, “launch a server process on demand” is only the tip of the iceberg! Reducing friction for our development team in any way we can will end up being a big chunk of your time. This might mean logging and metrics/observability to help debug issues that only seem to appear in production. Or maybe it’s a smoother local staging environment for programmers to quickly reproduce a production-only issue on their development machine.
  • Providing data and general guidance for infrastructure-related costs, especially related to different market segments and pricing. What is the absolute cheapest we could go per user-minute of streaming, and what are the tradeoffs? What would it take to deploy an on-premise solution for a potential customer that absolutely requires on-prem equipment only? What about a client that wanted to throw a digital concert for 100,000 simultaneous viewers?


  • Are likely more of a generalist than someone with a deep (but niche) set of skills
  • Very familiar with Linux
  • Enjoy following general computing/networking trends, including active experimentation of new technology for the sake of understanding it. You don’t need a 42U homelab rack in your garage–but if you do have one, it’s probably a good sign
  • Generally curious! Many of our first customers are interested in our technology for very different reasons in very different contexts–mouse brain scans for Alzheimer’s research, large-scale world scanning, volumetric video capture, etc. Listening to their problems and asking curiosity-driven questions will be super useful!
  • Fluent in at least one programming language, simply for high-output “I think I can do a quick script that gets us most of the way there, give me an hour” situations. It honestly doesn’t matter too much which language you prefer
  • Able to read C++ code; or at least well enough to make sense of a stack trace to guess which part of a system has broken. You don’t need to code anything C++
  • Comfortable using git and pull/merge request-based workflows
  • Excellent written English skills (for spoken English, “passably okay” is totally fine! We do conduct most of our big meetings in English)

    Our wish list continued, but well into optional bonus territory now:

  • Familiar with both bare metal and hypervisor-based deployments
  • Experience with 3D engines of any kind. Double bonus points for real time engines (as opposed to 3D rendering packages–but that’s great to have too!)
  • Enjoy writing documentation, revisiting and updating documentation, and generally ensuring that team members around you have the resources they need to understand the tools and processes you’re creating
  • You’ve seen a company go from 10 people to 1000 people from the inside, and have opinions on when something should transition from an ad hoc process to a formalized process, and why and how
  • Hands-on experience with integration testing

    Here is a quick list of stuff outside of our core C++ codebase, that you will either need to adopt and continue to maintain, or potentially replace with something similar. We have a default stance of self-hosting instances we can completely control:

  • GitLab
  • TeamCity
  • Keycloak
  • Zulip
  • Grafana/Loki
  • Minio
  • Sentry
  • ESXi

    (You might be noticing a distinct lack of “workload orchestrator” in this list. We haven’t switched to one yet! Our eye is on Nomad and the Hashistack in general, rather than K8s, but if you take the job, you will be leading this transition so it’ll be your call for which to go)



3000 EUR - 5000 EUR (depending on your skills and experience)
Our compensation package includes cash compensation as stated above. You will also be awarded stock options on a standard vesting schedule in Atomontage s.r.o.’s parent company Atomontage Inc.


  • The prospect of having a significant impact on the future of computer simulation and graphics in multiple fields, including medical research and video games
  • The opportunity to work with our world-class partners in their varied fields
  • The possibility to grow in your career by building and leading your team
  • Compensation including company stock option plans
  • Flexible working hours and work from either the office or home
  • Pleasant office atmosphere, in the city center, with chill out area, kitchen, shower
  • Bike and scooter parking on the ground floor of the office building
  • Team events to celebrate success and relax after work
  • Refreshments like coffee, tea and healthy snacks in the office
  • Bonus sick days
  • Employee Referral Bonus program

O klientovi

Atomontage Slovakia s.r.o. is a 3D simulation and graphics technology developer focused on productizing the results of 10+ years of our own R&D on the most advanced voxel solution in the world, formerly known as the Atomontage Engine. This breakthrough volumetric technology allows us to create simulations and visualizations of large, deeply interactive worlds filled with extremely detailed and realistic models.

Our visionary investors include current and former executives of top video games studios, like Tommy Palm of Candy Crush fame and currently CEO of Resolution Games; Karl Magnus Troedsson, former CEO of EA/DICE; Justin Roiland, co-creator of Rick and Morty; and Hilmar Petursson, CEO of CCP, makers of EVE online.

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Ludmila Capatina
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